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06 January 2018
The ultimate loudspeaker in the world,” the Magico Ultimate III is an 8ft tall, 800lb loudspeaker with four horns. Made-to-order in California. There are eight hand-built, horn-loaded drivers in each pair of Ultimates, and no single driver costs less...
27 December 2017
Home Theater

Get mind blowing 3D Dolby Atmos sound on Amazon! Everything you need to build an all-inclusive entertainment system and the  5.1.2 Channel Speakers are Included .

08 December 2017
Auto Tech
Hands free at 50 mph all Tesla vehicles have the hardware for full self-driving at a level substantially greater than that of a normal human driver. This is Tesla's Autopilot systems and it can take over driving duties on highways in the right circum...


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